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15" LCD for 17" CRT Replacement  

Model AS150CL-4

The AS150CL-4 Industrial Low-Scan LCD monitor has been designed as a replacement for 17” CRT monitors.  Ease of integration into a wide range of Measurement, Instrumentation and Human-Machine interface applications has been a key consideration.

AbraxSys has designed a rugged LCD monitor module, of minimum width, to match the dimensions of its 17” CRT monitor chassis. The monitor is housed in a rugged metal case with rear fixing points. The LCD module is
ventilated for best reliability when mounted within the OEM enclosure. EMC considerations include the use of a metal shield over the front of the LCD panel. Toughened, non-glare safety glass protects the LCD.

The A/D board has been designed to accept a wide range of signal timings from 15kHz up to XGA standard, including CGA & EGA legacy signals. Set-up controls for fine-tuning of the display are located at the rear of the monitor. Once set, no further adjustments should be required, and the last setting is stored in memory.