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8.4" LCD for 10" CRT Replacement 

Model AS084CL-4

The AS084CL-4 Industrial Low-Scan LCD monitor are offered in KIT form for Price-sensitive applications. They use the same electronics as the AS084CL-1 and is intended primarily for replacement of CRT monitors within Monitoring & Control systems.  The TFT panel is securely fixed on one side of the metal mounting plate. The AbraxSys special A/D board and Backlight Inverter are fixed to the rear. The OSD control buttons are on the A-D board. This is a simple construction and no effort has been made to improve EMC performance.

The TFT panel and the boards are easily demounted from the metal plate for installation as required. Some plates have fixing holes that are identical to the pitch of those found on CRTs, so the AS084Cl-4 may be used in place of the CRT.  The kits require 12Vdc via a 2.1mm concentric connector. These are standard on all External Power Supplies used in the computer market.  The boards have only 1 connector – 15DSUBMIN. (Standard Adapter cables are available)


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