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10.4" LCD for 12" CRT Replacement 

Model AS104CL-4

The as104CL-4 Industrial Low-Scan LCD monitor is offered in kit form for price-sensitive applications. They use the same electronics as the AS104CL-1 series and are intended primarily for replacement of CRT monitors within monitoring & control systems.

The TFT panel is securely fixed on one side of the metal mounting plate. The AbraxSys A/D board and backlight inverter are fixed to the rear. The OSD control buttons are on the A-D board, meaning a simple construction with no enhanced EMC performance.

The kits require 12Vdc via a 2.1mm concentric connector. These are standard on all External Power Supplies used in the computer
market. (Various power supplies are available). The boards have only 1 connector – 15DSUBMIN.


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