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AbraxSys Industrial Touch Screens LCD Monitors & Computers

Circularly Polarized Resistive Touch Panels for Sunlight Readability

AbraxSys CP Touch Technology for Industrial Rugged Sunlight Readable LCD Flat Panel MonitorsCircularly polarized touch panels greatly enhance display readability in direct sunlight conditions. The touch panels eliminate over 60% of reflected ambient light while maintaining 79% luminance transmissivity.

These resistive touch panels are designed for use with transmissive LCDs in a variety of portable and stationary outdoor applications, such as kiosks, navigation systems, industrial instruments, and test instrumentation.

AbraxSys Circularly Polarized Resistive Touch ScreensAbraxSys' circularly polarized touch panels use a 1/4 wave retarder and a polarizer to prevent light that has passed through from being reflected back to the user’s eye. This process results in a high-contrast display that is highly readable in sunlit conditions.  The circularly polarized touch panels have a 3H minimum surface hardness rating and a minimum life of 1 million operations. They are offered as a in a variety of sizes, and are suitable for both pen and finger input.  

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