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AbraxSys Rugged Industrial Grade Embedded Box Computers

Industrial Compact Embedded Computers

This AbraxSys series of Industrial grade Robust yet Compact Small Form-Factor Computers features an all metal wall mountable chassis which is  designed for rugged applications. Inside, this series is your choice of various powerful processors including a low power 1.5GHz VIA C7 Processor, or Intel's 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo processor, or Intel's 2.8GHz Pentium 4 CPU. Each model can be configured to your specific needs. 
In terms of I/O Communication, this series offers enhanced graphics and superior connectability with a multitude of I/O ports.


For more information, select the appropriate configuration below:

AbraxSys AS150PC Industrial ComputerModel AS150PC
VIA 1.5GHz C7 or 2.8GHz P4 Processor or 2.13GHz Core2 DUO
RAID 1/0 configuration optional
up to 2GB DDR400 DIMM
1x Half-Size PCI slot
4x RS-232 ports, 2x RS-232/422/485, 6x USB 2.0 ports
Dual GbE Ethernet
optional DC Power Input

AbraxSys AS250PC Industrial ComputerModel AS250PC
VIA 1.5GHz C7 or 2.8GHz P4 Processor or 2.13GHz Core2 DUO
up to 1GB DDR400 DIMM
2x Half-Size PCI slot
4x RS-232 ports, 2x RS-232/422/485, 6x USB 2.0 ports
Dual GbE Ethernet
Dual Swappable SSD/HDD Bays

AbraxSys AS350PC Industrial ComputerModel AS350PC
VIA 1.5GHz C7 or 3.0GHz P4 Processor or 2.13GHz Core2 DUO
RAID 1/0 configuration optional
up to 2GB DDR400 DIMM
3x Half-Size PCI slot
2x RS-232 ports, 6x USB 2.0 ports
Dual Ethernet, 1x 10/100/1000M, 1x 10/100M

AbraxSys AS450PC Industrial ComputerModel AS450PC
up to 3.4GHz Intel ® P4 Processor
RAID 1/0 configuration optional
up to 4GB DDR2-533 DIMM
2x PCI, 1x PCIE-16, 1x PCIE-4
2x RS-232 ports, 6x USB 2.0 ports
Dual Gigabit Ethernet


What exactly is a rugged computer? How do you ruggedize your products? How are your computer systems different than a traditional consumer product or "industrial" PCs commonly coming out of Taiwan or China? These are questions that often arise when we are talking to potential customers so we thought that we would take the time to address them in this article. There are several key design features that distinguish a rugged computer from a similar consumer computer. Make sure you consider these before purchasing a rugged PC:

Metal Enclosure:
Most consumer PCs are enclosed in plastic. Plastic is typically not a suitable material for use in a rugged product because it cracks under heavy vibration or shock and has a relatively low melting point compared to metal. It’s also more challenging to minimize electro-magnetic interference (EMI) when using a plastic enclosure. As a result, most rugged computers are housed in a lightweight aluminum enclosure.

Corrosion & Scratch Resistance:
Most rugged products are housed in a metal enclosure so it’s important to coat or seal the metal with a finish that it is scratch and corrosion resistant. This is typically done with power coating or anodizing. All of AbraxSys' displays are treated with an industrial grade, high-thermal set powder coating finish. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin". It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. There are several advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings: (1) Powder coatings emit zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC), (2) Powder coatings can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging, (3) Powder coating overspray can be recycled and thus it is possible to achieve nearly 100% use of the coating, (4) Powder coating production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.

Industrial Components and Conformal Coating:
A circuit board won’t survive an in extreme environment unless it’s designed with components that can handle the wide operating temperature that the product may be exposed to. Additionally, certain components and connectors may need to be attached to the board using through-hole components instead of surface mount so that they don’t detach from the board in high vibration or shock conditions. All of the components on the circuit boards should be covered with a layer of transparent conformal coating to protect the components against moisture, dust, and external chemicals.

Optically Bonded Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating:
When sunlight readability is important or when changing temperatures are commonplace throughout the environment or additional protection is needed at the front LCD window, most consumer displays are not viewable in direct sunlight since they aren’t normally used outdoors. Rugged touch screen LCD computers are typically used in outdoor environments so they must be designed to be sunlight readable. This is done by attaching a piece of glass to the front of the display that has been covered with a special coating to minimize reflection. Such coatings will typically reduce the glare and reflection on the glass by 95%. This glass also protects the LCD from the elements and increases the contrast of the display.

Many traditional PCs (both consumer and "rugged") are designed and offered in a manner which limits the amount of add-on features are available. AbraxSys realizes that each customer's application is unique and as such has engineered its products to be very versatile and configurable. A multitude of various optional features are available for ALL of its products without the need to totally customize from scratch each and every model for each and every environment.



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