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AbraxSys CRT and LCD Repair, Refurbishment and Retrofit Services, including CRT to LCD conversions

Repair, Refurbishment and Retrofit

AbraxSys Service Lab
AbraxSys offers a number of service solutions including comprehensive repairs to both CRT and LCD based products as well as complete retrofit capabilities.  From monochrome to high resolution color, our factory trained technicians understand digital and analog technologies. We repair most brands and types of LCDs, including TFT LCDs (active matrix), DSTN LCDs (dual scan), monochrome and gas plasma displays. Find out about all our services options for your business.  Contact Us.

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Industrial CRT & LCD Repairs

AbraxSys Industrial Monitor repair technician imageLCD, CRT, and Touch Screens, are expertly repaired and serviced. Video driver and controller repair, replacement of screens, backlight assemblies, power supplies are just a few of the monitor services provided by AbraxSys.  Most Industrial CRT and LCD Monitor makes and models are supported, including Aydin, Honeywell, KME, Vartech, Intecolor, DataPlus, Ikegami, Electrohome, Bailey, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Conrac, Microvitec, ABB, Westinghouse, Allen Bradley, Barco, Hatteland, Computer Dynamics, plus many more.  We also service CNC Displays, Security Monitors, Medical Monitors, Touchscreen Operator Control Stations, POS (Point of Sale) Terminals, and more.


AbraxSys LCD CRT repair technicianOur factory trained monitor technicians service both analog and digital A/D boards, touch screens and power supplies. All integrated electronics are fully tested to ensure complete functionality. AbraxSys provides the highest level of industrial monitor repair service in the industry.  Period.

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Retrofit Program

A number of legacy CRT based monitors are commonly used throughout various control systems inlcuding Process Controls, CNC, and many other applications which have unique screen sizes, mechanical shapes, and video timing interfaces. These differences make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to locate compatibly configured off-the-shelf LCD systems to replace these unique platforms.

AbraxSys Retrofit ImageTypically, abundant mechanical modifications are needed to the user's host system in order to make the installation of newer LCD models possible. That's usually impractical, inefficient, or many times impossible.

Additionally, many legacy CRT products have either older video formats (CGA / EGA, or below 30 kHz horizontal scan frequencies) or even unique video timing protocols specfic to their host systems. Traditional LCD video formats make it impossible to communicate with these older systems. AbraxSys has developed its own signal recognition and image scaling TFT controllers which also includes a vast library of legacy video timings including CGA and EGA resolutions, below 30 kHz requencies, and OEM system specific video formats.

Our unique Retrofit programs include the removal of the older CRR and associated electronics while maintaining the usage of the customer's own monitor mechanical chassis frame. We then integrate a brand new liquid crystal display (LCD) and our proprietary electronics including our special TFT controller and solftware (and touch screen, if necessary) into the customer's existing metal chassis. This totally eliminates any concerns regarding mechanical fit and communication interface.

Contact AbraxSys Service Department LinkContact an AbraxSys technical associate for more information and product support.


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