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AbraxSys Sunlight Readable LCD Flat Panel Monitors 

8.4" Dual LCD Rack Mount Military/Marine High Bright LCD

Model SRD-DRM-084

Dual LCD Rack Mount DisplaysThe SRD-DRM-084 rugged sunlight readable rack mount LCD monitor is designed specifically for COTS Military and Marine Display applications in high ambient light and direct sunlight.  Occupying only 4 rack units of a standard EIA RS310 C – 19” equipment rack, yet having two high resolution 8.4” LCD screens with completely independent OSD controls and video inputs.  The SRD-DRM-084 provides image reproduction that exceeds all other displays available in a similar form factor.   

The SRD-DRM-084 is capable of operating with legacy signal timings such as RS-170 (525 Line) and RS-343 (875-Line) Interlace formats.  Also, NTSC/PAL Video (RCA Jack), S-Video (5 Pin Mini Din) and VGA (HD15-DSub) Standard VESA Input Timings.  

If you need a sunlight readable, high bright COTS Sealed Monitors, Rugged Marine Monitors, or just have a general-purpose need for rugged or sunlight readable computer monitors, the SRD-DRM-084 series of COTS LCD Monitors is an excellent solution for your rugged display requirements.


Mechanical Drawings    





Display Size 8.4 inch SVGA Color TFT LCD Module (Dual)
Viewing Area 170.4(H) x 127.8(V) (Each)
Pixel Pitch 0.213 mm x 0.213 mm
Brightness 1500 nits (cd/m²) High Bright Sunlight Readable
Contrast Ratio 600:1

Max Resolution

Supported Video Formats

800 x 600 - Optimal Native Resolution

Legacy Timing: 15KHz to 100KHz @ 55 to 85Hz.

Colors 16.2 million
LED Life (min) 50, 000 Hours
Supported Video Formats

Up to 1280 x 1024 @ 60 and 75 Hz - Optimal Native Resolution

Legacy Products 15 to 100KHz Horizontal Freq.

Input Video Signals

Video Analog: 0.7 Vpp @ 75 Ohms

Sync: Separate or Composite Sync TTL Level (Positive/Negative)

Sync on Green Video 0.7 Vpp and Sync 0.3 Vpp

Input Video Interface HD15 (VGA Analog), 5 BNC and AV Video (RCA Jack & Din-4)
Viewing Angles 80°(R) / 80°(L) – 80°(U) / 60°(L) @ CR = 10
External Connectors Analog HD15 D-Sub Input; 5 BNC, DC or AC Input.
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz or +12 VDC @ 3A
Display Controls OSD (On Screen Display) – Full functions




Enclosure Metal Ruggedized for Severe Environments. All hardware secured with Loctite

Height: 10.47” (4U)

Width: 19.0”

Depth: 5.4”

Mechanical Configuration Rack Mount – 4 Units, EIA RS310 C
Bezel Finish Aluminum - Black Epoxy Powder Paint with Wrinkle Finish
Construction Metal Ruggedized for Industrial Applications
Warranty Period 2 Years




Operating Temperature -30°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +85°C
Front Panel Rating NEMA 4 (IP65)
Humidity 5 to 90% RH @ 40°C Non-Condensing.
Altitude Operating: Up to 10,000 ft Storage: Up to 30,000 ft
Cold Start-Up Start-up @ 0°C 10min usable picture. 20 min. full spec.


Storage: Acceleration: 50G ; Wave: Half-Sine  ; Active Time: 20 ms ; Direction: ±X, ±Y, ±Z (One Time for Each Axis)

Call for Operating Shock


Storage: Acceleration: 1.5G ; Wave: Random ; Frequency: 10 to 200Hz ; Sweep: 30 Minutes each Axis (X, Y, Z)

Call for Operating

Drop Test Height: 60 CM, Package Test
Thermal Shock -20°C/30 min, 60°C/30 min, 100 Cycles
Power Requirements:

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC Auto Ranging 50-60 Hz (Internal) or +12 VDC @ 1A (External) - Each.  Power Dissipation: 10 Watts

Power Connector IEC320 Power Cord Standard




Wireless Remote Control Option
NTSC/PAL (RCA Jack) and S-Video (5 Pin Mini Din)
3 Buffered Unity-Gain BNC Outputs (RGB)
Differential Video Input for Enhanced Noise Immunity
Touch Screen: Resistive, Capacitive and SAW
Conformal Coating of Internal Circuit Boards for Enhanced Ruggedization
91 Ohm Video Termination.
12VDC, 24VDC or 28VDC Input Voltage


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