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Small Form Factor SFF Computers

Rugged Small Form Factor & Rack Mountable Embedded Systems

  Powerful. Reliable. Rugged. Mobile. Expandable. AbraxSys.

AbraxSys MicroCube ComputersAbraxSys Compact Embedded ComputersAbraxSys Fan-Less Industrial Computers

AbraxSys’ Industrial Grade Embedded Systems are engineered with the highest quality components and peripherals to provide customers with a ready-to-go, pre-tested solution that is rugged, reliable and consistent.
Designed for a multitude of applications and different Operating Systems, the AbraxSys’ lines of Embedded Systems are flexible, compact and rugged to withstand different industrial environments where reliability, consistency and thermal constraints are imperative.  Each system is rich with features and expandability, and ideal for a broad array of display, automation control, kiosk, and network applications.

Select the appropriate series below:

 AbraxSys Industrial Fan-Less Box ComputersIndustrial Fanless Box Computers
 AbraxSys Industrial Compact Computer Industrial Compact Embedded Systems
 AbraxSys MicroCube ComputersMicroCube Computers
Industrial Rack Mount Computer 

Industrial Rack Mount Computers

1U / 3U / 4U Rackmount Configuration

All AbraxSys Embedded Industrial Computer Systems can be modified and customized so as to provide the exact industrial computer solution for your specific needs.

Rugged Industrial Rackmount Servers and Computers 

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