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Extended Temperature Capabilities

Industrial applications that are designed for vehicles, harsh hot environments, or outdoor applications make special demands. Extreme environmental conditions – operation in high or low temperatures or thermal shock, high humidity or electromagnetic disturbances and startups in low temperature – account for most of these demands. Since system failures often result in high costs, the system must be very reliable under every possible operating condition, and it must provide the highest level of failure tolerance. Wide Temperature Testing ensures the system's reliability before under extreme operating environments.
AbraxSys starts by using only pre-qualified components to operate without failure in extreme temperatures. It is also mandatory that each model undergoes a rigorous testing for operation under extreme temperatures.  The test ensures that the selected product continues to operate properly under two extreme environments: -40 and 80ยบ C (model and configuration dependent, not all models/configurations are certifed to these extremes). AbraxSys products, when configured correctly, are perfect for operations in environments where heat, extreme cold or thermal shock is frequent.  

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