Custom Design Support

Custom Design Support


AbraxSys understands that customized electromechanical design options for our customers are necessary from time to time, and critical project support is a cornerstone of any successful business. With an experienced engineering staff, we’re fully equipped to provide a complete solution whenever traditional off-the-shelf products don’t suffice.

From the initial inquiry to engineering support, prototyping to product acceptance, all the way to finished product approval, we support any and all steps throughout the process. We also know that custom design support demands positive, timely, and accessible communication, comprehensive product, project, and applicational understanding, on-time delivery commitments, and quality assurance. And no matter the challenges, we’re ready to take it head-on. Through it all, our unwavering philosophy is CUSTOMER FIRST.

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Interested in custom design support for rugged or sunlight-readable LCD monitors? Contact an AbraxSys associate anytime for more information.

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