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About AbraxSys

Rugged, Reliable, & Customized Monitor Solutions for the Most Demanding Industries

The AbraxSys Corporation is a worldwide sales and manufacturing leader of custom industrial monitors, sunlight readable and outdoor monitors, all-in-one panel PCs, and Pelican cases for a broad range of industries. Our clients work in some of the most demanding environments and circumstances where dependable hardware is mission-critical, including oil and gas, military and defense, marine, automotive, aerospace, mining, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and more. With two North American facilities and multiple strategically situated distribution centers around the globe, our experienced team delivers innovative and high-quality products with unparalleled customer support.

We’re as passionate about building AbraxSys products as our customers are about using them. We innovate, over-engineer, and use high-grade, harsh-duty materials to create the most usable and durable products available. We stand by our products with the industry’s best and most comprehensive three-year warranty, and we’re always ready to assist with any questions or concerns to ensure you get the best user experience possible. At AbraxSys, it’s more than just quality on the line – it’s our pride.

Why AbraxSys for Your Project?

Reliability. Quality. Service. Technology. Commitment. These words describe the philosophy of every AbraxSys employee. We embrace this ideology by supporting the latest technological innovations, designing and building quality products, understanding your demands for reliability from both a product standpoint and a support role, and having a firm commitment to creating long-term solutions that meet your needs.

Every AbraxSys product and service solution is endorsed by a commitment to consistent quality and unparalleled customer support. Our products are built to last and engineered to survive in real-world conditions such as extreme shock, excessive vibration, extended thermal and humidity situations, electromagnetic interferences, and many other trials that would compromise or devastate average systems.

Our leadership team believes product stability in harsh industrial, marine, and military environments is paramount to our customers. This idea extends to ensuring high product availability, long life cycles, superior support, demanding and unique image fidelities, ongoing product improvements, and aid transitions to new technologies.

Our Commitment to Quality

AbraxSys is committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, and delivering reliable and quality-built products is of chief importance. Our quality format is a structured yet flexible framework for a customer-focused business management system that continuously improves business performance. We embrace stringent quality standards and procedures and adhere to set standards, continual improvement, quality objectives, and customer experience monitoring. These strategies include:

  • Policy & Procedure
  • Work Instructions
  • Corrective Action
  • Preventive Action
  • Design Control
  • Document Control
  • Statistical Process
  • Management Review

After each sale, we seek feedback on how we’ve measured up with a brief survey. All customer feedback is reviewed, documented, and acted upon to ensure continual operational and customer satisfaction improvements. Your feedback is a vital part of our business model!

Please contact us anytime with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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