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AbraxSys Rugged LCD Computer Mounting Arms & Brackets

AbraxSys supports our customers with rugged industrial grade mounting arms, poll mounts, wall & ceiling brackets, dual & quad display "Pods" and much more. Many of our arms and brackets offer instant lift, swing, tilt and rotate for optimum positioning and some are fabricated from corrosive resistant stainless steel. Some configurations boast pivots featuring 3-point hitch. Most models meet industry standard VESA compliance.


AbraxSys Gas Mounting Arms

ASMA7                  ASMA7500                  ASMA7601-14 

                                ASMA7                                   ASMA7500                             ASMA7601-14


ASMA3500                         ASMA3545                      ASMA7545

                              ASMA3500                                    ASMA3545                                     ASMA7545


ASMA7500-Wing                    ASMA-DuoPod

                                      ASMA7500-Wing                                                 ASMA-DuoPod






AbraxSys Mounting Arms ArcView Series

ASMA7177-2                 ASMA7177-3

                                                   ASMA7177-2                                                 ASMA7177-3


ASMA9169-2                        ASMA9169-3

                                               ASMA9120-W                                                       ASMA9169-3






AbraxSys Wall Mount Arms Series


ASMA9110          ASMA9110-4           ASMA9110-8.5

                                    ASMA9110                          ASMA9110-4                           ASMA9110-8.5


ASMA9110-8.4-4           ASMA9135

                                                                ASMA9110-8.5-4                           ASMA9135


ASMAAWM-003                    ASMA20WM

                                  ASMAAWM-003                                        ASMA9194



AbraxSys Mounting Arms Pole System Series

    Articulating dual LCD mount                 Articulating dual monitor mount               

                                 ASMA9114                                                                        ASMA9136-S                                    


Dual flat panel stand with pivot and tilt                                    ASMA9112-D

                                                 ASMA9109                                                               ASMA9112-D


ASMA9120                ASMA9120-D

                                                    ASMA9120                                                       ASMA9120-D





AbraxSys Mounting Arm Options


ASMAXCM-003                  ASMAXTM-001

                                             ASMAXCM-003                                                   ASMAXTM-001


ASMAXDS-00X                        AbraxSys RAM Mount Arm

                                                       ASMAXDS-00X                                      AS RAM-001



ASMA8034 - Straight Panel Mount           ASMA8035 - Corner Panel Mount            ASMA8246 - Slatwall Mount

                                     ASMA8034                  ASMA8035                                 ASMA8246





Additional arms and configurations are available. Please contact your a knowledgeable AbraxSys associate to discuss your specific mounting arm needs.