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AbraxSys Industrial Grade Digital Signage Large Screen LCD Flat Panels

Industrial Grade Large Screen LCD Systems

AbraxSys supports a comprehensive line of Industrial grade Large Wide-Screen Digital Signage 1080p LCD Flat Panel Displays commonly required throughout various industrial environments, presentation needs, and even outdoor digital signage applications.

These Rugged 1080p Industrial Digital Signage products offer standard features such as bright TFT screens, 16:9 (wide) aspect ratio, very wide viewing angles, high contrast ratios, most offering Hi-Definition (1080p) resolution, durable designs, energy savings controls, prolonged life-expectancy and exceptional image qualities. Models support true high-definition 1080p video formats and are often used extensively as outdoor digital signage. A multitude of various compute and video inputs are standard features. These waterproof 1080p can be configured with touch screens, vandal resistant windows, waterproof configuration, and other options are also available.


Rugged Large Screen LCDs
Industrial Grade Large Screen LCDs, 1080p Digital Signage, KIOSK, more

 AbraxSys Large Screen Wide Video Format 16:9 Rugged VESA Mount LCDsRugged Sunlight Readable 32.0" Panel Mount

You'll see the difference instantly and you will appreciate the reliability and quality long into the future. Crisp, bright images displayed in a trim contemporary design backed by a reputation for quality and reliability.