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Industrial Monitor Replacements by AbraxSys

Slow Scan and Legacy Signals

Slow Scan is a description used to differentiate Legacy Monitors from more modern high resolution (high scan rate) types. Essentially, any monitor operating below VGA standard (31.5kHz Horizontal Scan Rate) can be classified as slow scan (15 – 30KHz). Low Scan signals are invariably non-standard in terms of synch, pulse widths, polarities and active video times as no international standards existed when the original control systems were conceived.

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LCD for CRT replacement

CRT technology has now become obsolete creating a need for a newer substitute. AbraxSys has devized an alternative solution to constantly repairing aging units by designing LCD monitors able to seamlessly replace CRTs. These monitors are designed to fit like-for-like both mechanically and electronically, and are compatible with both VESA standard and legacy signals. AbraxSys offers both standard and custom designs which minimises the aggravation, time and cost of replacing diminishing CRTs.

AbraxSys offers drop-in LCD for CRT replacements for automation, process control, CNC machine tools and a variety of other industrial, military and marine applications. Flexibility is the keynote, not only in terms of the simplified mechanical design but also in the ability of the TFT monitor to handle low-resolution (slow scan) legacy signals, which cover a variety of signal types including TTL, RGB H/V, sync on green and EGA.


The AbraxSys "low-scan" series can replace either only the CRT the CRT and chassis. The simple metal chassis is designed to fit comfortably within the existing CRT space envelope. We also offer a Slow-Scan range which is a basic OEM kit. Rack mount and desktop versions are also available.

Legacy Pixel Transformer

To solve worldwide Legacy Display problems our special controller board and video library allows our products to connect to any signal, of any pixel resolution and converts it into a crisp, stable image on a modern TFT monitor. The signal is converted and the output is made through DVI connectors. Honeywell TDC2000 or TDC3000, ABB MOD300, Siemens WF470, GEM 80, Westinghouse, and many other legacy timing formats are stored in the LPT.

CRT Monitor Replacements

We can replace a large number of CRT types with LCD monitors. We support direct replacements for current technology and legacy systems with full industrial flat panel monitors for CRT replacement.

Heres a sample of what types we can replace:

ABB, Agie, Allen Bradley replacement, Amade, Arbug, Bailey, Barco monitor, Charmilles monitor, Cybelec, Fagor, Fanuc monitor, Ferranti, Fisher, Foxboro, GE monitor, Gildermeister, Heidenhahn, Herion, Hitachi, Honeywell monitor, IRD, Krauss Maffei, LVD, Matsushita monitor, Mazak monitor, Mitsubshi crt, Norcontrol, NUM, Philips, Rockwell monitor, Schenk, Siemens monitor, Sperry, Stork, Terasaki, Toshiba, Totoku monitor, Valmet, Vaughan, Westinghouse LCD monitor.

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