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Model ASMA7500
Floating Flat Panel Arm 

The ASMA7500 Radial Arm is a remarkable work tool. Effortlessly position your monitor exactly where you want it, and add flexibility to your work style. Suspend your flat panel above the desk surface and reclaim your valuable space. Innovative cable management routes cables inside the arm, in order to keep your desk organized. You’ll never work the old and cluttered way again!

•  Reposition the monitor with one hand – no knobs to turn
•  Extends up to 27", folds to just 3", vertical range of 18"
•  Tilt monitor up to 200 degrees
•  Includes FLEXmount™
•  Compatible with all VESA® monitors – includes
•  75mm and 100mm VESA® mounting plates
•  Includes cable management system – cables concealed in arm

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·   Includes FLEX Mount with 6 mounting options.
·   18" of vertical range
·   27" of horizontal range
·   Folds up to occupy just 3'' of space
·   Monitor tilter mechanism can tilt over 200 degrees 
·   Monitors are rendered weightless by the arm
·   Select from numerous mounting options.
·   Cable management keeps cables tucked beneath arm
·   VESA-monitor compatible - 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters
    included. Please call for non-VESA options
·   Approved to AFRDI Standard 126:2001, Level 3. View Certificate.
·   Optional upgrade to quick install/release monitor bracket. Consult
    your sales rep for details.
·   Optional 6" extender tube available to raise monitor (see Extender
    Tubes under Available Accessories).

Model Number  Weight Range

·   ASMA7500-500      2 - 13 lbs
·   ASMA7500-800      6 - 21 lbs
·   ASMA7500-1000    8 - 27 lbs  


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