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AbraxSys Industrial Grade Digital Signage Large Screen LCD Flat Panels

Rugged Large Screen VESA Mount Flat Panels

"When you need Industrial Strength Solutions" 

AbraxSys Large Screen Wide Video Format 16:9 Rugged VESA Mount LCDsIndustry leading reliability and performance, broad connectivity and clean, contemporary design are the hallmarks of AbraxSys’ industrial large screen LCD products. Offering a range of display sizes and configurations, the AbraxSys line can be configured to your precise product requirements. Featuring the latest technology, AbraxSys’ industrial large screen displays offer reliable and uncompromising performance. You’ll see the difference and appreciate the reliability and quality long into the future. Crisp, bright images displayed in a trim yet rugged design.

AbraxSys Large Screen Systems in useThese display models represents the cutting-edge of direct-view LCD technology, some including LED-based backlight technology and ultra-thin rugged mechanical design. It combines ultra-high resolution and unparalleled image quality and configurable I/O in a rugged large format display for a wide range of digital signage and control-room applications. Each system is also incorporated with an advanced Image Retention Prevention Technology. 


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42" Rugged Large Screen VESA Mount LCDs   

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These models can be configured with a number of add-on optional features like Touch Screen, Optical Bonding, Extended Operational Temperature Capabilities, and many more.
Contact us for more details or review any of the following models and their respective technical datasheets.

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