DisplayPort delivers more high-performance features than any other digital interface. Designed to replace older standards like DVI and VGA, DisplayPort opens up new possibilities in computing, digital displays and consumer electronics. It’s the future standard and it’s available today on most AbraxSys’ industrial and high bright LCD models.

DisplayPort is a video interface standard administered by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and is the new generation AV interface developed by the GPU/display industry segment and it continues to gain market momentum.  DisplayPort enables high display performance, robustness, and versatility, highest degree of system integration, and greater interoperability among various device types.  DisplayPort was originally developed as the next generation personal computer display interface and is now available on a wide range of tablets, notebooks, desktop computers and now AbraxSys industrial/military/marine displays.

DisplayPort provides several direct and indirect benefits to the user.  Direct benefits include higher performance capability, the availability of display adapters for legacy display types, and the ability to connect multiple displays to a single video output.  Indirect benefits include smaller system form factor and lower system cost, because DisplayPort enables higher system integration, requires less RF shielding, and is royalty free. DisplayPort also uses a small connector, or can be combined with other interfaces onto a single common connector and is the only AV interface with link training, a more robust and stable link is established.  Just like DVI and HDMI, DisplayPort supports HDCP content protection. DisplayPort supports the latest HDCP content protection that is required for the latest premium AV contents.

Because of its high data rate, DisplayPort systems today can support 4K displays at 60Hz refresh and full 30-bit 4:4:4 color (non-chroma subsampled).  DisplayPort systems will support 5K displays (5120 x 2880) at 60Hz refresh, and for 4K displays will enable deeper color and higher refresh rates.  When enabled with DisplayPort’s Multi-Stream feature, several monitors can be connected to a single output on a video source device (such as a laptop or computer), using a daisy-chain or hub configuration.

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