AbraxSys expands its product line of Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen to now include 15.6”, 17.3” and 21.5”.  The company already supports 15”, 17”, and 19” sizes, so the addition of these newly added sizes rounds out a comprehensive assortment of both 5:4 aspect ratio panels as well as 16:10 wide video format models.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) are increasingly using touch screen technology to control operations previously managed through mechanical dials, buttons and levers. Rugged, industrial grade touch screens are intuitive to use, and with the right choice of touch technology, can be robust, waterproof, and hygienic. AbraxSys’ projected capacitive touch technology (PCAP) is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial-grade applications, such as process control terminals, medical displays, mining vehicles, marine monitors, COTS military systems, and agricultural vehicle telemetry systems, as the touch performance in unaffected by scratches, dirt and dust on the screen. They can also be operated by a user wearing heavy gloves, and can be sealed to extremely high IP rated systems making them suitable for challenging or outdoor deployments.

AbraxSys takes interactive display technology to the next level by combining uncompromising multitouch performance, brilliant high-definition graphics, wide viewing angles and elegant product design into a fully-integrated, easy-to-use multi-touch device. These touch systems are designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA. Constructed as an all glass solution, our PCAP touch screens provide extreme durability and superior optics. We offer a standard product line from 15” to 19”, as well as custom solutions to meet your application requirements. AbraxSys’ PCAP technology is the perfect choice for your harsh-duty application.

AbraxSys’ Projected Capacitive Touch Screens consist of two ITO/Glass circuits and an Optically Clear Adhesive that is used to optically bond the two circuits together. For Sunlight Readable applications, this touch screen is then optically bonded to the frontal face of the LCD to achieve high light transmission and low reflectance. A touch event occurs when a finger or conductive stylus interferes with the electric field projected above the surface. This change in capacitance is detected by the controller which interprets the X and Y coordinates of the event. Multiple fingers can be tracked simultaneously and the controller supports common multi-touch gestures.

Local Support:                        Designed, manufactured and supported in the USA
Multi-Touch Functionality:         Supports multi-touch gesturing – flick, pinch, expand, tap, click and rotate
Rugged Design:                       All glass solution with ≥ 9H surface hardness
Enhanced Sensitivity:               Effortless input with finger, glove or conductive stylus
Accurate and Reliable:              No linearity calibration required
Custom Tuning:                       System tuning to meet your custom application requirements
Optical Bonding:                      Achieves high light transmission and low reflectance

The company is a worldwide leader of Industrial, Rail type, Military grade, and Marine type LCD Flat Panel Displays, Panel PC, Sunlight & Daylight Readable Technology, Fully-Enclosed Touch Screen Computers and Workstations.

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