AbraxSys Corporation announced this month the launch of 12.1-inch WXGA industrial grade color LCD. This industrial-use model feature super-wide viewing angles, wide-ranging operational temperatures and extended-duration LED backlighting.  Sales of the new 12.1” wide video format modules will begin on March 15.

This new model meet the increasing market demands for wide video format, high brightness, high contrast, wide-ranging operational temperatures and wide viewing angles for diverse applications and installations.  The introduction of this new product increases AbraxSys’ lineup of super-wide viewing angle models.

Features of the new modules are as follows:

•  WXGA 1280 x 800 Resolution
•  NEMA 4 (IP65) Environmental Protection at the Front Bezel
•  Both the Front Bezel and Rear Housing are constructed of high Grade Aluminum and have been
Zinc-Chromate Dipped and finished with a Corrosion Resistant Thermoset UV-stable Black Powder-Coating
•  Super-wide viewing angles, high brightness/contrast and vivid color
•  Super-wide, 176-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles ensure excellent visibility, including
for off-center-viewing installations.
•  High brightness of 400 cd/m2 and high contrast ratio of 1,000:1 for easy viewing in bright environments.
An optional 1000 nits version is due to be released in April of 2014.
•   72% color gamut on NTSC standards.
•   Market-leading operational temperature range
•   Exceptionally wide range of operational temperatures, from -10 degrees C to 70 degrees C,
to withstand severe outdoor environments.
•   Long-life, inverter-less backlight through use of white light-emitting diodes (LED)
•   Circuit board-embedded LED driver
•   LED backlight has a typical operating life of 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C.
•   Environmental awareness:  Mercury-free and fully compliant with Europe’s Restriction of
Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Several add-on optional features are also available such as:
•  Touch Screen Technologies
•  Private Labeling
•  Various Power Sources, including AC and DC
•  Manual, Automatic or Remote Dimming Capabilities
•  S-Video & Composite Inputs
•  Custom Video or Signal Modes
•  Direct Sunlight Readability Technology
•  Conformal Coating of all Internal Electronics
•  Custom Bezel and/or Color (dependent on quantities)

For more information:  MODEL AS121P4W2 (NEMA 4 – IP65 Panel Mount)

The company is a worldwide leader of Industrial, Rail type, Military grade, and Marine type LCD Flat Panel Displays, Panel PC, Sunlight & Daylight Readable Technology, Fully-Enclosed Touch Screen Computers and Workstations.

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