Whether your project requires single touch or multi-touch with gesture, AbraxSys’ newly released next generation Multi-Touch and Standard Touch projected capacitive touch screen technologies deliver unparalleled performance and interactive solutions for your harsh-duty touch screen needs.

AbraxSys designs and manufactures Multi-Touch and Standard Touch projected capacitive touch screen products for a wide variety of industries and applications including military, medical, aerospace and industrial. Whether our touch screens are used in touch enabled military land navigation systems, cockpit instruments, ATMs or handheld medical devices, AbraxSys’ touch technologies deliver outstanding optics and unmatched durability.

In the short time since the introduction of projected capacitive touch screens in the iPhone, a myriad of construction methods have been developed.  All projected capacitive touch screen designs have two key features in common – the sensing mechanism (ITO layer) that lies behind the touch surface and the use of no moving parts.

Mutual capacitance is now the more common projected capacitive approach and makes use of the fact that most conductive objects are able to hold a charge if they are very close together.  If another conductive object, in this case a finger, bridges the gap, the charge field is interrupted and detected by the microcontroller.

Projected capacitive touch screens are “scanned”, meaning most of these touch screens are made up of a matrix of rows and columns that are “read” one by one to get a reading or count. To get an exact coordinate, the results from several row/column intersections are read and the counts used to triangulate the exact touch location.

These next generation projected capacitive touch screen windows by AbraxSys are engineered with chemically and thermally strengthened cover and rear glass which is laminated together with various industry leading optically clear adhesive (OCA) and films (OCF) with protected UV filtering (extremely important for direct sunlight applications).  These OCA & OCF technologies allow for near 100% light transmission from the LCDs backlights so original brightness levels are not jeopardized.

  • Chemically and thermally strengthened cover glass for harsh duty environments.
  • Water-Resistant: multi-points touch panel can work in condition of spray water and pouring water.
  • Exceptional Optics, near 100% light transmission, unlike traditional resistive technology.
  • High Resolution abilities.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) stable adhesive; won’t “delaminate” like other PCT touch windows.  Very important for direct sun use applications.
  • Operates in extreme environments.
  • Black boarder around touch window provides a nice looking finish when nested flush with the monitor’s bezel.
  • Multi-touch capable – up to ten (10) fingers.
  • Works with finger or most gloved hands.
  • Touch coordinates are drift free, unlike tradition resistive technology.
  • High quality: Invisible sensor traces hold in the air.
  • Most windows are “nested” flush with the monitor’s front bezel or enclosure.

For more information about models which can be integrated with this next generation projected capacitive touch technology, please click HERE.

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