AbraxSys has unveiled the latest milestone in its commitment to excellence: a brand-new website. This site has been meticulously crafted to improve your encounter with rugged displays and industrial computing solutions. It’s not merely a facelift; it’s a leap into the future, promising an intuitive design and unmatched functionality.

New Design & Enhanced Speed

The entire website has undergone a transformative facelift, unveiling a sleek and more intuitive design. Beyond the enhanced aesthetics, the revamped site promises lightning-fast browsing and seamless navigation, providing an immersive experience as you explore our extensive range of rugged displays and industrial computing solutions.

Accessible Options & Easy Customization

AbraxSys’s new site has made finding what you’re looking for much easier with its easy-to-access product categories. Scroll over the Products Tab at the top of the webpage to select from a variety of high-performance custom monitors, designed to withstand even the harshest environments and most demanding applications:

Industrial Monitors
Sunlight Readable Monitors
All-In-One Panel PCs
Pelican Cases

You also have the option to choose a Custom Configuration.

Recognizing that every project is different and may require unique products, AbraxSys’s new website makes customization a breeze. Every one of its products can be tailored to fit your specific needs. The new website allows you to do just that—right on your screen. It’s technology on your terms – empowering you to shape your solutions with unparalleled ease.

With just a few clicks you can explore different screen sizes, resolutions, and connections to create tailored electromechanical design options that meet all of your job or product demands. After selecting your choices, you can submit a direct inquiry for a quote, collaborate with AbraxSys’s experienced engineering staff, and effortlessly navigate a streamlined ordering process.

From initial inquiry to finished product approval, AbraxSys supports every step of the process. Effective custom design support demands positive communication, comprehensive understanding, on-time delivery, and quality assurance. The company’s unwavering philosophy is customer first—you can contact AbraxSys’s experts at any time for custom design support.

The Latest Insights & Information

AbraxSys believes that knowledge is power. You should be able to make informed purchasing decisions. That’s why its newly launched website also features a Resources Center and Blog, offering the latest information and technological advancements. Immerse yourself in current industry insights, product guides, and customer success stories. From announcing the release of new products, such as AbraxSys’s second generation LED-based industrial LCD flat monitors, to providing answers to common questions, such as the number of nits a screen needs for sunlight readability, this Resources page has you covered.

Visit AbraxSys’s New Website

AbraxSys doesn’t just offer products; it provides a tailored journey through technology. Don’t miss out on the excitement. Visit the new AbraxSys website now and experience the future of rugged technology firsthand!