With our products being deployed in such a wide range of environments, we understand our customers require customized solutions to fit their exact specifications. Our engineering services are available to give you the expertise you need to customize our products. Whatever the project, AbraxSys has the expertise, supply chain resources and flexible production capacity to deliver cost effective, high quality solutions.

Our unique controllers have the advacned capabilities of interfacing with a multitude of VESA and non-VESA legacy video formats including CGA and EGA resolutions as well as formats below 30 kHz horizontal scan frequency.  By special development of our own Signal Recognition and Scaling software, and access to an extensive library of older signal timings AbraxSys can support frequencies from 15kHz to 64kHz to UXGA (1600×1200) to full high-definition.

If your project requires specific video format support not typically available through typical channels, let AbraxSys program your video timing specifications into one of our controllers.