AbraxSys Optical BondingAbraxSys now offers its unique Optical Bonding process for most of its models including LCD monitors as well as its touch screen computers and large screen digital signage. Improved contrast.  Faster perception.  Higher performance.
Increase TFT AMLCD readability-at-a glance capability by specifying an optically bonded TFT display from AbraxSys. Combine LED backlight enhancement, optical coatings, or touchscreens to meet your human interface requirements. AbraxSys’ optical bonding facility provides proven quality systems, extensive in-house optical test verification capabilities, a certified clean room and other environmental controls.

Key Benefits

• Improves contrast by eliminating mismatched reflective layers
• Improves readability without increasing backlight wattage
• Stengthens the overall integrity of the LCD
• Eliminates the “Greenhouse” effect and going isotropic
• Optical coatings reduce specular and diffuse reflections
• Less power required for battery powered devices while attaining
excellent readability
• Certified clean room and environmental controls
• Fast, responsive manufacturing in U.S.A.

Standard LCD displays are fine for most indoor applications, but they are challenged in outdoor, rugged or environmentally extreme applications. For these applications, commercial displays are all but useless. The choice are either make the display washout less, or make the display brighter; and in some cases, both options. The OEM display manufacturers are not focused on these extreme markets and applications. This is where AbraxSys helps the display customer. AbraxSys’ line of high performance optically bonded displays are ideal for outdoor or rugged environments where top performance is required.