If you spend any time working for, with, or around the modern military, industrial field work, first-responders, drones and ROVs, or the oil and gas industry, you’ve likely seen Pelican-type cases, be it Pelican, Nanuk, etc. Pelican Cases are a high-quality brand of hard protective cases for all types of sensitive equipment, from LCD monitors and all-in-one computers to photography equipment to weapons. These cases are also commonly seen at trade shows, events, and in entertainment production. In any sector where fragile and costly equipment needs to be transported or survive the elements, Pelican Cases are there.

Custom LCDs and sunlight-readable monitors are at the top of the list of delicate and expensive hardware that needs the absolute best protection. Most users face the challenge of needing to leave a custom LCD screen in the carrying case, transporting it in any orientation, and reliably using the equipment in perfect condition every time the case is opened without worrying about it coming loose. Oh, and the monitor needs to be easily removable at any time.

Pelican-style LCD monitor carrying cases have it all covered.

Let’s take a look at what exactly Pelican and Pelican-style cases are, the materials and structures used in their construction, and effective custom solutions for protecting and housing monitors, controllers, and all-in-one computer panels.

What Are Pelican Cases Made Of?

Official Pelican cases are constructed from various materials depending on the user’s needs and the case’s contents. Each series of Pelican cases uses a specific material with distinct benefits. Among the most popular series are Protector and Storm cases, which both use a proprietary polypropylene formula called HPX. As a case material, HPX has a partially hollow interior with a honeycomb structure built into the resin during manufacturing. This open-cell structure offers increased strength and rigidity and combats heat to help ensure a safe environment for whatever is contained within.

Pelican cases, such as their Air Case series, use a resin called HPX2 to make ultra-light cases ideal for air travel where every ounce counts. Leveraging the same honeycomb structure as the Protector series, Air Cases are more robust than basic solid polymers and are IP67 rated to survive submersion in one meter of water for 20 minutes.

When durability and security are paramount, the Vault series’ shock resistance and impact absorption offer major advantages to the safe storage of fragile electronics and field equipment. Constructed of an HDPE formula of crushproof, high-impact polymers, these cases are frequently customized with features like stainless steel hasps to withstand any environment or conditions.

Ideal for Protecting Integrated Electronics

What sets Pelican-style travel cases apart from most other products is their complete package of shock-absorbent shell, case foam, waterproof latching, and optional features. But for the most delicate electronics like LCD panels and sunlight-readable monitors, they incorporate custom-engineered mounting solutions like panel frame inserts which allow for the easy attachment of an interface panel that sits flush with the rim of the case. Easy to install and quick to set up, the panel frame keeps electronics safe from exterior shock and the elements.

For many types of electronic equipment, a true custom fit is needed. For that, we turn to custom-engineered foam inserts cut to the exact size of a CAD file. Alternatively, Pelican-style cases can also be made to accommodate bezel kits, which allow for the easy mounting of front panels directly to the case interior.

The Perfect Fit for AbraxSys Rugged LCD Screens

AbraxSys is a worldwide sales and manufacturing leader of industrial grade LCD monitors, rail type, military and marine type LCD flat panel displays, panel pc, sunlight readable LCDs and all-in-one computers, fully-enclosed touch screen computers, and workstations.

We’re as passionate about building AbraxSys products as our customers are about using them. We innovate, over-engineer, and use high-grade, heavy-duty materials to create the most dependable products available. At AbraxSys, it’s more than just quality on the line: It’s our pride.

The qualities we put into creating products pair perfectly with the attributes of Pelican cases. Our turnkey systems for custom case design and production are unrivaled, with support for multiple sizes, I/O configurations, and mounting possibilities, including with or without bezels, front and rear cable exits, panel frame construction, and more.

We even support multi-monitor setups, like dual 24” LCDs built directly into the case.

Custom controllers, keyboards, trackballs, joysticks, touchpads, and more can be mounted within the same case, perfectly spaced to ensure maximum protection while the case is closed and perfect reliability every time it’s opened.

With two facilities in North America and many valued distribution centers strategically situated throughout the globe, we support customers with innovative and high-quality products and industry-leading customer service and protection, including the most comprehensive 3-year warranty on most of our products.

For most suppliers, turnkey case systems are special orders where customers need to provide their own cases and bring them to a specialist. At AbraxSys, we do it all. We design and build the electronics and have all the cases, foams, fittings, and the necessary equipment to deliver a complete finished product much faster than most. In industries like military and defense, oil and gas, maritime, and other high-energy fields, time is always of the essence. We understand your needs, and we’ve got you covered.

We supply and ship screens directly within their Pelican cases for maximum protection and immediate use in the field, cutting weeks and sometimes months out of the process. However, it’s never too late to get a custom case for a custom LCD or sunlight-readable monitor, and we can always provide a turnkey solution later.

Contact AbraxSys today to find the most suitable options for your needs.