PCAP projected capacitive touch technology is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial-grade applications, such as process control terminals, medical displays and agricultural vehicle telemetry systems, as the touch performance in unaffected by scratches, dirt and dust on the screen. They can also be operated by a user wearing heavy gloves, and can be sealed to extremely high IP rated systems making them suitable for challenging or outdoor deployments.

Projected Capacitive touch technology enables touches to be sensed directly or through a protective outer layer:
1.The touchscreen consists of a 3mm glass layer
2.The touchscreen senses touch through an outer layer including vandal-resistant glass up to 10mm thick

The complete system depending on the customer-selected outer layer can resist impact, scratches, vandalism, heat, rain, snow, and ice or harsh cleaning fluids, making it well-suited for outdoor applications.

AbraxSys Projected Capacitive PCAP LCD Monitors & ComputersBenefits
• True flat front surface without bezel possible
• Works with gloves for true input flexibility
• Works even if glass is scratched or broken

• Outdoor kiosks
• Ticketing machines
• ATMs
• Pay-at-the pump gas machines
• Through-glass, under-counter, and bartop applications