Just about every laptop, smartphone, or tablet user has squinted in the sun, twisting and tilting a device as they struggle to see images and text to no avail. Commercial grade LCD display monitors simply aren’t equipped for easy viewing in direct sunlight or any outdoor applications where glare is present.

Using a sunlight readable monitor solves this issue, but industrial, military, maritime, mining, and other teams operating under demanding conditions require even more from their monitors than everyday tech users. The environments they must navigate often include high sun glare, extreme temperatures, dust and dirt, and water—from splashes to complete submergence.

If these factors are commonplace in your industry, you’ll need an advanced sunlight viewable monitor with capabilities beyond the average daylight monitor.

What Is a Sunlight Readable Monitor?

Sunlight readable monitors are built to outperform commercial grade displays by providing tolerance for high ambient lighting without image washout. High nit LCD monitors offer high brightness and color brilliance, often with a full dimmable range, to deliver a crystal-clear image.

A quality daylight readable display is capable of meeting temperature and touch needs during extended operation for usage 24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Rugged sunlight viewable monitors are also designed to withstand a variety of conditions in harsh, real-world environments. This means they can survive water, excessive vibration and shock, humidity and high temperatures, high solar loads, electromagnetic and environmental effects, and other extreme factors that users may encounter.

Determine how many nits your screen needs to achieve sunlight readability.

Key Benefits of Sunlight Readable Monitors

A modern LCD sunlight readable display boasts greater battery life, heat management, brightness, and visibility because it is designed with either transflective materials, optical bonding, or special surface treatments. Those made to withstand high light and harsh conditions offer seamless use in a variety of outdoor scenarios—as well as indoor applications where light can stream through windows, such as air traffic control centers, railroad cars, marine vessels, agriculture machinery, and public kiosks.

A rugged sunlight readable monitor is developed with strength, efficiency, and user experience in mind to create a product that is easy to use and built to last.

  • Greater Strength & Durability: These monitors are specifically designed to function well no matter the environment—water, dust and dirt, inclement weather, extreme temperatures, increased humidity, high pressure, extra shock and vibration, electromagnetic interference, and rough everyday handling.

  • Higher Energy Efficiency: Rugged sunlight readable displays must offer easy viewing under high-glare conditions, which means they can reach higher levels of brightness and spread incoming light evenly. To achieve this effect, they also maintain high energy efficiency, long battery life, high contrast ratios, and accurate color reproduction.

  • Improved Usage & Lifespan: Unlike standard commercial displays, sunlight readable monitors are built to provide thousands of hours of usage across their lifespans for a device that is easy to use in a range of indoor and outdoor applications and still remains a cost-effective investment for teams.

Get the full breakdown of how they work in our guide to sunlight readable monitors.

Top Use Cases for a Sunlight Readable Monitor

A daylight monitor is ideal in any application where bright light may affect the optimal usability of a digital display. Sunlight readable monitors are commonplace in manufacturing, security, mining, and countless other industries. AbraxSys, in particular, has seen our LCD monitors leveraged in:

  • Avionics
  • Energy
  • Maritime
  • Military & Defense
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • First Responders
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Kiosk

Finding the Right Rugged Sunlight Readable Monitor

Go beyond the capabilities of standard monitors that wash out in the sun. Find the perfect rugged sunlight readable device for your industry and unique application by assessing the quality and reliability of all options.

In our complete line of advanced technological visual imaging and computing systems, AbraxSys offers several high-bright TFT active matrix LCD displays that consistently outperform commercially available, non-enhanced productions. Choose from daylight readable displays with brightness levels from 700 to 2,200 nits, optional touchscreen configurations, and multiple sizes and mounts.