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Rugged LCD Display Monitors and Computers

  Rugged technology, when the ordinary just won't do.

NEMA rated, waterproof LCD products

Sunlight Readable High Bright LCD Monitors
Industrial Grade LCDs • Rugged Panel Mount PCs • Touch Screen Systems • Marine Type Products • Military Grade Flat Panels
 • Large Screen Digital Displays • Mobile Computers • Small Form Factor Systems • Workstations • HMI Thin Client • All-Weather All-Terrain LCDs • Fully-Enclosed LCDs & Computers Sunlight Readable High Bright LCD Touch Screen Panel PC Computers

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AbraxSys Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Industrial,  Sunlight Readable, Rugged Marine and Military grade LCD Display Monitors, Rugged Computers, Panel PCs, Rail type, Touch Screen Systems, Sunlight Daylight Readable High Bright Technology, LED Displays, Legacy Video Timing Formats, Specialty Process Controls configured video systems, and Large Screen Public Information Flat Panel Digital Systems for critical applications and harsh environments. 

A comprehensive line of products and Ingress Protection levels are available, including IP65 (NEMA 4), IP66 (NEMA 4X), IP56, IP54, NEMA 12 (IP52), IP50, and IP67 (NEMA 9). LCD sizes range from 6.5” to 55”. A multitude of mechanical mounting configurations are available including Panel Mount, Stainless Steel Panel Mount, 19" Rack Mount, VESA Mount, Open-Frame Chassis Mount, Rugged Tabletop, Yoke Mount, Head Mount, and many others.

AbraxSys supports customers worldwide with advanced technological visual imaging and computing systems for use throughout applications such as Pulp/Paper, Mining, Petrochemical, Avionics, Maritime, Mission Critical Military, Oil & Gas, Energy, Food & Beverage Processing/Packaging, Metals, Transportation, and others.

AbraxSys Rugged Industrial Military Marine Mining Grade LCD Flat Panel Monitors and Panel PC Touch Screen Computers

Rugged LCD Computing Harsh Environment Display Technology

AbraxSys supports systems designed to survive the harshest real-world environments including:


   Extended operational temperature needs
•   Direct wash-down Excessive vibration and shock
•   24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year usage

•   Extended humidity Excessive touch interface
•   High solar load Image washout due to high ambient lighting conditions
•   Electromagnetic and environmental effects

•   Full-Range Dimming
•   Vandal situations

Whatever your application or environment.....Bring it on! 

Rugged LCD Flat Panels, Touch Screen Computers, Panel PCs, Military & Marine Grade Monitors and Computers
Industrial LCDs | Sunlight Readable Displays | Military Grade Monitors | Industrial Computers


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