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Marine LCDs and Computers

Marine Monitors

Marine LCD Flat Panel Displays and Computers

AbraxSys supports Marine type high resolution TFT LCD flat panel monitors and touch screen computers designed to withstand the maritime environment. These marine grade LCD displays are IP sealed to withstand shock and vibration and are designed to comply with marine standards. The popular rack front LCD flat panel monitor models have a rugged milled aluminum rack front.

Please select the appropriate Marine LCD Flat Panel type below:



NEMA 4 Panel Mount LCDs
NEMA 4X Panel Mount LCDs
Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors



To aid installation with these Marine LCD products, flexible mounting combinations include 100mm VESA standard fixings at the rear, and a separate mounting bracket for Control Desk or Overhead positioning. The use of high quality components, robust and lightweight casing, anti - glare safety glass, transflective enhancements and touch­screen capability makes AbraxSys' Marine grade LCD flatpanel monitors ideal for demanding applications.

Other features available within the Marine LCD Monitor range include:

• Display size range from 3.5” to 57”
• Custom designs including spec, color, finish and format
• Deep dimming (to low light or black as required)
• Sunlight readability properties to improve visibility in sunlight conditions
• LCD for CRT replacement, enables replacement of obsolete CRT displays
   with LCD  monitors

• Marine PC can be integrated into a naval display
• Custom LCD monitors can be designed to marine spec 

AbraxSys also provide a range of Marine LCD mounting options including: 

Ø    Marine LCD rack mount monitors, 

Ø    Marine LCD panel mount monitors,  

Ø    Marine LCD chassis monitors,  

Ø    Marine LCD head mount displays and  

Ø    And even Marine or Military Portable displays.