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AbraxSys Industrial Touch Screens LCD Monitors & Computers

Infrared Touch Technology

AbraxSys Infrared Touch Screen LCD Monitors & ComputersInfrared touch screen is consists of a touch frame which is installed in front of the display. The frame is intergrated with a printed circuit board which contains a line of IR-LEDs and photo transistors hidden behind the bezel of the touch frame. The bezel shields the parts from the operation environment while allowing the IR beams to pass through.

When touch is applied, the screen enters the gird by a stylus which can interrupt the IR light beams. The Photo transistors from X & Y axes detect the IR light beams which have been interrupted and transmit exact signals that identify the X & Y axes coordinates to the host.

Infrared touch screen is one of the most accurate and consistent touch sensing capabilities. Infrared touch screen technology maximizes customer interaction by enabling a user friendly interface that users can learn to use instinctively. The large size touch screens are especially useful in kiosk applications as well as ATMs, advertising and signage displays, commercial transportation, etc.  


Kiosk, Medical instrumentation, ATM, Retails, Commercial transportation, Advertising display, Signage display and many other industrial applications.

Infrared Touch Screen Benefits

1. High stability
Changes in the time or environment will not cause any drift.

2. High light transmittance
The touch screen has no intermediate touch overlay, enabling light transmittance to reach as high as 100%.

3. Long service life
Extremely durable, scratch resistant

4. Easy activation
Touch pressure is not required; no special material is required for touch activation. An activating stylus can be used whether soft or hard - conductor or nonconductor.

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