As a trusted provider of high-quality monitors, AbraxSys is excited to introduce three new additions: the XM-101,
XCM-101, and SRD-XM-101. These innovative models broaden our product range and represent a significant step into the
10.1″ monitor sector. Created in response to the market’s increasing demand for compact, high-performance displays,
these monitors embody an unwavering commitment to fulfilling client needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the distinctive features of each of these innovative products.

XM-101: Resilience Meets

The XM-101 Rugged NEMA 4 IP65 LCD Monitor symbolizes the ideal blend of industrial strength and optimal performance.
This model features a true industrial-grade LCD panel, advanced LED backlighting, and exceptional contrast, resulting in
superior sunlight readability. Exhibiting a luminosity of 400 nits, the XM-101 operates effectively across a wide
temperature range (-20°C to 70°C). This monitor sets itself apart with its robustness and suitability for demanding
applications. With daylight readability, a 10.1” viewable area, 400 nits brightness, and 1000:1 contrast ratio emphasize
its high performance under severe temperature conditions and direct sunlight.

Key features of the XM-101 include:

  • Long-Life Advanced LED Backlighting, over 75,000 MTBF
  • Exceptional Sunlight Readability
  • High Environmental Performance and Reliability
  • Versatile Input Formats
  • Broad Aspect Ratio and Viewing Cone
  • USA Engineering, Production, and Support
  • 1-Year Warranty

The XM-101’s rugged touch screens withstand severe abuse, perfect for applications where impact resistance is
paramount. Learn more about the XM-101’s reliable
performance in diverse environments and download the Product Sheet.

XCM-101: Reliable and High

The XCM-101 is not just a monitor; it’s a testament to AbraxSys’ dedication to delivering top-tier products tailored for
demanding applications.

Embedded within the XCM-101 is a genuine industrial-grade LCD panel solid-state LED backlighting promising an
exceptional MTBF of over 75,000 and an ultra-responsive time of 25 msec. Its impressive sunlight readability, 10.1”
viewable area, 388 nits brightness, and 600:1 contrast ratio spotlight its extraordinary performance even in severe

Key features of the XCM-101 include:

  • True Industrial Grade LCD Panel
  • Long-Life Advanced LED Backlighting, over 75,000 MTBF
  • 388 nits Brightness
  • Wide Operational Temperature Range -10°C to 65°C (14°F to 149°F)
  • High Environmental Performance and Reliability
  • Multiple Input Formats
  • Wide Aspect Ratio and Viewing Cone
  • USA Engineering, Production, and Support
  • Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen (up to 10 touches)
  • Exceptional Contrast
  • 1-Year Warranty

With 1280×800 pixels, the XCM-101 delivers an ultra-high-quality, durable LCD designed to resist the harshest
conditions. Its multi-touch sensors, constructed with thick cover glass, offer robust impact resistance. Learn more about the rugged resilience and impressive
performance of the XCM-101
and download the Product Sheet.

SRD-XM-101: Tailored for High
Ambient Light Conditions

The SRD-XM-101 is a 10.1” industrial-grade LCD with robust specifications that allow it to perform under challenging
environmental conditions. It excels in high ambient light conditions with a brightness of 1000 nits, a contrast ratio of
1000:1, and advanced LED backlighting.

Key features of the XCM-101 include:

  • True industrial-grade LCD panel with advanced LED backlighting
  • Brightness: 1000 nits; Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Wide operational temperature range: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
  • Multiple input formats: VGA, DVI, HDMI
  • RoHS compliant, with certifications from CE and FCC
  • Fan-less heat-dissipation structure for efficient performance
  • Durable, optically bonded 10-point projected capacitive touchscreen
  • Supports 16.7 million colors with ultra-wide viewing angles

With its ruggedized build, high environmental performance, and versatile mounting options, the SRD-XM-101 is a durable
solution for harsh environments.

The monitor’s performance, 16.7 million possible colors, ultra-wide viewing angles, quick response time, ruggedized
build, and exceptional contrast make it an ideal choice for any high ambient light condition, whether harsh outdoor or
indoor applications. Learn more about the exceptional daylight
readability and durability of the SRD-XM-101
, and download the Product Sheet.

Beyond Standard: Custom Solutions & Speedy Delivery

At AbraxSys, we appreciate the time-sensitivity of our clients’ needs. Our extensive inventory ensures immediate
dispatch of all our high-performance monitors to provide you with the right solutions when you need them.

Our committed team strives to handle each order professionally, accurately, and reliably. Moreover, if our off-the-shelf
solutions don’t meet your precise requirements, our custom manufacturing services in the USA allow us to develop a
tailored solution just for you.