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High Nit High Brightness Outdoor Monitors
High Bright LCD Display Montiors

High Bright LCD Monitors

AbraxSys delivers the latest in 1000+ nit high brightness LCD monitors. Designed to operate in high ambient light and direct sunlight AbaraxSys specializes in rugged grade high intrinsic brightness monitors.

Select from our mounting configurations:

NEMA 4 (IP65)
Sunlight Readable LCDs
NEMA 4X (IP66)
Sunlight Readable Displays
NEMA 4, 12, and 2
Sunlight Readable Monitors
NEMA 4, 12, and 2
Sunlight Readable Monitors
Chassis Mount
Sunlight Readable Monitors
Chassis Mount
Sunlight Readable Monitors
NEMA 4 (IP65), NEMA 12
Sunlight Readable Displays
19" Standard Rack Fit
Sunlight Readable LCDs

High Brightness LCD Technology the AbraxSys Way

Behind the LCD
Our high bright monitors are used in uncontrolled lighting environments, we add customized passive enhancements to maximize the contrast and brightness of the touchscreen interface. Anti-glare coating on the face of the touchscreen, and anti-reflective coating on both sides of the LCD. These coatings mirror the index of refraction to reduce light reflecting back at the operator which enhances overall readability and increases the contrast ratio in high direct light and high ambient light environments.

A normal LCD will turn black when exposed to sunlight and UV radiation. Design innovations allow the LCD to operate in direct sunlight. Through the use of these special coatings, films, and filters, the unit obtains sunlight readability without additional backlights. The end result is 1000+ nit equivalent viewing without the additional power draw and heat generation of more backlights. Consequently, our flat panel display systems have longer life, better processor performance, and wider operating temperature range.

High Bright LCD Technology

AbraxSys integrates enhanced backlight technology increasing the overall luminace output of the LCD’s light source. AbraxSys utilizes both LED and CCFL back lighting technology to achieve higher nit levels at the most efficient consumption levels required for your application. LED yields an amazingly bright LCD panel as does CCFL but with lower power consumption while creating less heat than typically associated with higher watt CCFL back lights. AbraxSys’ high bright LCD monitors bring high bright levels of luminance as well as reliable, efficient design, resulting in unmatched image clarity.

LED combned with optic film stacking, reflection pattern technology, and special radiation technology to maximize the brightness and further limit power consumption. The high bright solution increases day-time and night-time visibility and is the most trusted sunlight readable solution. Typical examples of our high bright monitors in application are ATM screens, the in-vehicle mounted LCDs, the oil rig platforms, and outdoor signage displays.


Frequently Asked Questions:
What constitutes a high bright LCD monitor?
A high bright display is a monitor with at least 1000 nit brightness level for viewing in very bright, high ambient light conditions.

What variety of mounting options and mechanical configurations are available for AbraxSys high brightness LCD monitors?
AbraxSys high bright LCD monitors offer the following mounting configurations: NEMA 4 (IP65) panel mount, stainless steel NEMA 4X (IP66) panel mount, RETMA rack mount, VESA mount, Open-Frame/Chassis mount and Tabletop.