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Rugged LCD Displays and Computers

Sunlight Readable Display Monitors

The AbraxSys line of high performance, outdoor sunlight readable LCD displays are ideal for outdoor or high ambient lighting conditions and harsh environments where top performance, daylight viewable monitors are required. The AbraxSys rugged line of daylight viewable LCD displays with optional touch screen is designed for use throughout a wide range of harsh outdoor lcd applications requiring high nit displays.

NEMA 4 (IP65)
Sunlight Readable LCDs
NEMA 4X (IP66)
Sunlight Readable Displays
NEMA 4, 12, and 2
Sunlight Readable Monitors
NEMA 4, 12, and 2
Sunlight Readable Monitors
Chassis Mount
Sunlight Readable Monitors
Chassis Mount
Sunlight Readable Monitors
NEMA 4 (IP65), NEMA 12
Sunlight Readable Displays
19" Standard Rack Fit
Sunlight Readable LCDs
Sunlight Readable
Versatile LCD Panel

Sunlight Readable LCDsTypical commercial grade LCD monitors are often adequate for most computer monitor needs, but do not perform well enough in high sunlight areas, in industrial areas when rugged conditions exist, or in military or maritime vessels where shock and vibration are common place.

Extended Temperature Ranges for LCD image

AbraxSys rugged, high nit LCD monitors with touch screen options are designed for high brightness in extreme high sun glare conditions and comply with specific vertical industry standards to deliver crystal clear images even in harsh conditions where water, dust and dirt commonly permeate the atmosphere. AbraxSys high brightness monitors outperform ordinary "commercial" grade display monitors. AbraxSys sunlight readable monitors deliver high brightness and color brilliance while enduring the most demanding surroundings.


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Panel Mount NEMA 4 (IP65) Sunlight Readable LCDs

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Panel Mount NEMA 4X (IP66 or IP56) Sun Readable Monitors

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VESA Mount High Nit LCDs - NEMA 4 (IP65), NEMA 12 (IP50)

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Tabletop High Nit LCDs - NEMA 4 (IP65), NEMA 12 (IP50)

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Chassis Mount / Open Frame High Bright Rugged LCDs

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Rack Mount High Bright Rugged LCDs

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Sunlight Readable LCD "Kits"

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AbraxSys High Bright Sunlight Readable Displays

Driving a vehicle with mounted high bright LCD

A truly sunlight readable display is typically considered to be an LCD with over 700 cd/m2 (nits) or greater screen luminance. AbraxSys sunlight readable enhanced LCD models are typically 1600 nits at full strength and deliver a dimming ratio of no less than 200:1 with luminance levels that can be set from 100% full luminance down to 0.5%.

Dimming features are another important function of a high grade sunlight readable monitor because decreasing the backlight luminance will extend the life of the backlight, throttle the power consumption and conserve the related thermal management systems. This means the user has the ability to run at the proper luminance levels for lighting conditions from direct sunlight down to minimum luminance for conditions such as covert military operations.

AbraxSys Sunlight Readable LCDs Feature:

Sunlight Readable Computers

  • High Nit True High Bright Display Panels
  • Industrial Grade LCD Panels
  • Long-Life Advanced LED Backlighting
  • Wide Operational Temperature Ranges
  • Deep Dimming Options
  • High Environmental Performance and Reliability
  • Engineered, Produced, and Supported in the USA
  • Multitude of Video Inputs and Mounting Combinations Available
  • Many Touch Screen Options
  • Exceptional Contrast Ratio
  • 3 Year Warranty
Contact AbraxSys to talk to an applications expert concerning Sunlight Readable LCDs for Your Project.

Sunlight Readable LCD Technology - The AbraxSys Way

Behind the LCD
Due to the fact that many of AbraxSys rugged monitors and embedded LCD computers operate in high light environments, AbraxSys uses various passive enhancements to increase the sunlight readability of the touch screen. AbraxSys touch panels utilize an anti-glare surface coating, in addition to an anti-reflective internal coating on the back and front of the LCD behind the surface coating. AbraxSys incorporates transflective backlight enhancement film as well. The enhancements adapt to the index of refraction to decrease reflection there by increasing the ratio of contrast and maximizes overall dyalight viewability in high ambient light environments. (See figure below)

The typical liquid crystal display degrades to black during exposure to direct sun and ultra violet radiation. Through the application of AbraxSys special coatings, filters, and films, the screen achieves readability in direct sun even when backlighting is not increased. The result is a display with viewability equivalent to that of a 1000+ nit high bright monitor while not increasing the power draw and without the extra heat generated by more backlights. As a result, Abraxsys LCD monitor systems maximize the operating life cycle of the systems, yield higher processor capability, and widen the range of operational temperatures.


AbraxSys High Brightness Sunlight Readable Rugged Industrial LCD Flat Panel Displays Technology


AbraxSys' active enhancement is then added with AbraxSys advanced backlighting maximizing the sunlight readability and luminance of the screen's overall performance. AbraxSys utilizes LED and CCFL technologies to deliver the best sunlight readable solution for your environment. LED backlights deliver a ultra bright screen with a lower power  draw than CCFL and without creating the heat levels produced by CCFL backlighting which requires higher wattage. Commercially available LCDs typically do not provide sufficient color contrast and luminance for operating in high ambient light environments thus producing a degraded image. AbraxSys' ultra bright, sunlight readable monitors and embedded computers achieve exceptionally higher luminance levels resulting in the highest image quality in high light areas. AbraxSys' extreme-performance LCDs and computers produce the image intensity and display brilliance required from your sunlight reabale systems.

AbraxSys Backlight Enhancement Technology
Then we add our unique Optical Bonding procedure:

Improved contrast. Faster perception. Higher performance.

Maximize TFT/AMLCD readability-at-a-glance performance by adding an optically bonded LCD TFT display from AbraxSys Corporation. Combining LED backlight enhancement, optical bonding, optic coatings, and touch screens to fulfill your interface requirements in high light areas. AbraxSys Corporation's state of the art optical bonding production center produces proven high quality sunlight readable LCD systems, comprehensive in-house optical contrast and luminance test verification, a certified clean room and total environmental protections.


Key Benefits
• Increased contrast ratio with matched reflective laying
• Decreased backlight wattage while increasing sunlight viewability

• Bonding improves the overall integrity of the entire flat panel
• Eliminates "Greenhouse" effect caused by air between glass and screen
• Eliminates isotropic "black outs"

• Optical coatings diffuse reflection and reduce specular
• Much lower power draw required for battery powered devices with increased sun
• Certified clean room and other environmental protections
• Fast, responsive delivery and service. AbraxSys optical bonding systems are manufactured in U.S.A.


Abraxsys Image


Typical LCDs are sufficient for most indoor environments, but do not provide readabilitvin outdoor or the requirements to deliver high performance in rugged or extreme environment applications. For extreme applications, typical commercial monitors are virtually unusable. The options are to decrease display washout less through passive enhancement such as coatings and optical bonding, or increase the LCD brightness; and in many instances, both passive and actively enhanced options. The OEM LCD companies are not produced for operation in these extreme conditions and applications. AbraxSys' line of high performance optically bonded LCD displays deliver high quality screen interfaces for high light or rugged industrial environments requiring hardened systems.

Abraxsys Image
Abraxsys Image

AbraxSys sunlight readable solution is to combine LED light bar (rather than CCFL) for backlighting technology, with optical coating, advanced design reflection patterns on light guide bottom, and unique radiation technology to deliver maximum brightness and decrease power consumption from the backlight source. Brightness is important because it affects readability. The high brightness solution increases day-time and night-time visibility and offers a good choice of sunlight readable solution. Related applications covers from ATM, the in-vehicle satellite television, the telephone booth, and the outdoor displays.

In order to satisfy the application market for high brightness displays, Advantech develops our in-house high brightness technology positively, which is guaranteed to meet your application needs. A standard LCD monitor is generally 300 ~ 500nits. Advantech high brightness solution at the moment can help enhance the LCD brightness up to 2,000nits and meanwhile increase the color saturation and the contrast. Moreover, our high brightness solution requires low power consumption, resulting in displays that run cooler with minimal stress but maximum reliability.


  • Brightness up to 2,000 nits
  • Enhanced sunlight readability
  • High uniformity > 90%.
  • Increased contrast ratio
  • Wide dimming 0%~100%
  • Low power consumption (ex. For 15” LCD, 1,700 nits <30W)
  • Suitable for operation environment from -30℃ to 80℃
  • Green process and material
  • Long life well over 70,000 hrs

Our Optical Engineers are eager to discuss how our sunlight readable LCD display systems can solve your low/high ambient light application needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is a sunlight readable display?
A sunlight readable display is a monitor with higher brightness levels for viewing in direct sunlight conditions.
What luminance level is considered "sunlight readable"?
The luminance level commonly considered to be sunlight readable by the industry is a monitor with a luminance level of 700 cd/m2 (also called nits) or higher. The higher the luminance level the clearer the image on the LCD in direct sunlight conditions.
What LCD mounting and mechanical configurations are available for AbraxSys daylight viewable monitors?
AbraxSys daylight viewable displays are available in the following mounting configurations: NEMA4/IP65 panel mount, stainless steel NEMA4X/IP66 panel mount, VESA mount, RETMA rack mount, Open-Frame and Desktop.